Hike Rules

Participation in this outdoor hiking program is strictly voluntary on the part of both the hikers and the leaders.  To provide an enjoyable experience for all, it is necessary to establish certain rules of conduct on the trail for the safety and well-being of the entire group.  All members and/or guests taking part shall agree and subscribe to these rules, and attest with their signature on the Hike Roster at each event.

  1. All members and/or guests participating in any outdoor event, officially scheduled by the Prescott Outings Club, agree to accept personal responsibility for their own conduct and well-being, and knowingly accept the possible hazards incidental to activities in the outdoors.  Each member or guest, further agrees to hold harmless and free of any blame the Hike Leader, Officers, and Directors of Prescott Outings Club, for any accident, injury, or illness that they might incur or sustain from their own participation while on this outdoor event.  They further agree that this acceptance on their part is binding on their heirs and assigns.
  2. Participating members and/or guests agree to wear adequate clothing and footwear suitable for the weather and type of trail to be taken.  Participants will also carry sufficient food and water consistent with the duration of the hike. 
  3. Transportation by car to the starting point of each hike is a personal responsibility.
  4. Children under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  Pets are not allowed on official hikes or other planned outings.
  5. Members may bring guests to the hikes on the condition that the guest understands and agrees to the Hike Rules and that they sign a Hike Roster and liability waiver along with the host member.
  6. The Hike Bulletin will give the length in miles of the hike, the degree of difficulty, and nature of the terrain to be traveled for each hike.  Each member should determine in advance his or her capability for the event in terms of health and physical condition.  The Hike Leaders will pace the hike as far as practical for the enjoyment and benefit of the group.
  7. All hikers agree to observe the following “ON THE TRAIL” rules for their individual safety, the well-being of the group, and continued enjoyment of our outdoor heritage:         
  1. To stay behind the Hike Leader and follow in his trail.
  2. To keep up with group, or if unable to do so, to alert the Leader of their problem. The Hike Leader will always appoint a "sweep" to hike in the rear for this purpose. 
  3. To stay with the group at all times and not return home early without getting the Hike Leader’s approval.
  4. To leave the lunch or campsite cleaner than we find it and to abstain from picking plants or flowers.  If on private property, to respect the owners rights and wishes.
  5. To close all gates and avoid damage to fences
  6. To refrain from smoking while on the trail or in enclosed spaces with fellow hikers.
  7. To observe prevailing regulations on all public lands.     
      8.  All hikers accept personal responsibility for carrying first aid equipment as he or she deems necessary.