Special Event Rules

Special Events are planned and scheduled to offer all members an equal opportunity to participate in as many events as possible.  As these events may be oversubscribed, please do not sign up unless you are committed to participate; in the event you must cancel, please advise the event Leader at the earliest moment.  To ensure your enjoyment the following rules apply:

  1. The event Leader will set the limit on how many can participate in any particular event.  Advance reservations must be made with the Leader.  If you wish to take passengers in your vehicle, make those reservations with the Leader for specific people, or indicate your willingness to take passengers on the waiting list, at the same time that you make your reservation.
  2. Reservations will not be accepted prior to publication of the Hike Schedule.
  3. The event Leader will have complete discretion in deciding from whom to accept reservations, based on the Leader’s evaluation of such factors as the member’s ability to participate without causing problems for himself or other participants.  The event Leader’s decision is final in this regard.
  4. The Leader may require attendance at a planning meeting prior to the event as a condition of participation.
  5. Expenses are very often incurred by the Leader’s setting up these Special Events (long distance phone calls, postage, reservations, etc.)  This expense will be announced and shared equally by all participants.
  6. It is important that each participant remember that he or she is part of a group, practicing self-discipline when necessary, and having a pleasant relationship with the rest of the group.  If the Leader needs to discuss a problem with a participant, it will be done privately.  The Leader cannot bear the responsibility for those who insist upon not staying with the group, or leave without permission.  Every precaution should be taken to insure their safe departure.  It is suggested that the person leaving the group be formally dismissed from the party, and this fact made clear to all others.
  7. All toilet tissue, Kleenex, etc. is to be taken back to camp or cars in plastic bags.  None is to be buried or put under rocks.  Feces should be buried in holes at least six inches deep.
  8. All Hike Rules equally apply when participating in Special Events.